is often misused in competitive arenas!  it is often associated with or mistaken for stubbornness!  to me, these are two separate things and there is a time to push and there is a time to back off.  sometimes when we constantly push, when we shouldn't, we increase our risk for illness and injury and take the fun out of our sport.  sometimes a small injury or sickness can be a blessing in disguise (if treated correctly), because it allows our body to rest, we can decrease our inflammation, we can regroup mentally, revise our plan smartly, and rethink our reason for competing in the first place!   some people think mental toughness is the drive to push through no matter me, this is stubbornness!  and brainless training.  plus, it takes the fun out of it!  if you want to stay in the game for the long haul, you can't be afraid to step back and maybe try something, whether it be a new sport entirely, or a new way to train for your current sport.  this keeps the fun in and maybe, just maybe, produces a better result!...just a thought!  sometimes it is a good idea to not focus on PRs, but train without plans or programs.  i am not saying you should not work hard, but you should not look down upon those who may not be working as hard as you physically (but may be working harder than you mentally!), and are improving faster!  to keep the fun in, try some of these anti-compulsive behaviors (i took some from a book i am reading, "Breakthrough Triathlon Training")...
  • Do your cardio or run without a watch, do not time it, just go until you feel satisfied
  • Do not record your workouts for a few weeks
  • Do not train from a program, just go to the gym and make it up as you go
  • Complete an amazing workout and don't tell ANYONE!
  • When driving home from the gym, pull over and sit outside your car for 5-10 minutes, doing nothing
  • Leave a race site or competition without looking at the results!!!
As far as my training is going...well it is going!  It is hard to train without having a performance goal!  after the tri, i decreased my cardio by about 1/3.  i am very close to where i wana be on stage, so it is just making small tweaks at this point...which is actually a challenge!  of course, my original plan has changed a bit, taking it day by day.  trying to keep the cardio to a minumum, but still getting it in, and i am doing some fasting cardio sessions, which is uncharacteristic of me!  hoping to pull a little more from the fat stores i still have!  also trying to keep some tri training in the mix, i definitely wana keep my fitness up, cause i am hoping to compete again in the fall.  i think i will be in great shape in vegas, the challenge for me will be my nutrition the last few days, staying full, yet tight, and getting my color right!  hopefully i can pull it off!  this friday, i am taking pics with my amazing photog friend, kym chambers, so hopefully i can share some of the work before the show.  leg day today, working mostly on hams/glutes, wana have an excellent tie-in!  that's all for now....stay smart! peace.