this means "eat all", which is the case with snow peas and sugar snap peas.   last night, i made salmon (of course, gotta have it every week!) and snow pea couscous.  i made a lot and my serving was huge, so i get to eat it again tonight! 

doesn't it look yummy!???
for the couscous, i boiled 1.5 cups of vegetable stock in a large pot, then took it off the heat and added one cup of couscous and about 2 cups of snow peas and one cup of fresh, cut green beans.  stirred it all together, then covered it and let it sit for 5-8 minutes.  this cooks the couscous and steams the veggies.  the green beans still had quite a bite to them, so they may need to be cooked a bit before they are added, unless your like them super crunchy!  i also made a vinegarette dressing to mix into the veggie couscous after it was cooked....2T red wine vinegar, 1T dijon mustard, 2T capers + a little caper juice, juice from 1/2 lemon, 2-3T EV olive oil, salt, and pepper.   this makes about 4 servings. 
tomorrow night, i am doing a super veggie pasta with sugar snap peas + tons of other veggies!