ok, i have decided to start a blog in order to keep everyone who is interested informed on my plans for the year, including figure shows, triathlons, and a new, exciting website in the works!!! 

as of now, these are my plans for figure and tri....my triathlon will be at the end of June and 4 weeks later i HOPE to compete in the USAs in Vegas!  i didn't do this show last year, so i think it will be fun. 

i have about 3 more weeks of strength and power training, then i am off to Big Sky, Montana for a ski trip!  when i get back, it is hard-core hypertrophy training for 7-8 weeks.  AND, i should probably start swimming and biking a little.  Right now, i am getting one run in a week, but that needs to increase soon as well.

that's all for now folks....stay tuned!

i also hope to start a video blog on you tube!