well it is january 31st and it is the last day of my experiment, or should i say adventure.  i guess it wasn't really an experiment because i didn't measure anything.  i didn't look at blood work, i didn't record anything about energy levels, sleep patterns, or number of times i went to the potty(#2!) each day, and i didn't monitor my weight and bodyfat, even though i am pretty sure i lost about 3 pounds, but i do have some observations to report!  
1) near the end of the month, i was a lot hungrier more often than i was at the beginning
2) like i mentioned above, i lost a few pounds
3) i did feel a little more run down some days
4) i really miss seafood! 
5) i really can do without chicken for the rest of my life...i think.
6) it is very hard to go out to eat and stick to it
7) it is super easy to stick to it when you cook at home
8) tons of processed foods contain milk, not that i eat a lot of processed things, i just read the allergy info on packages more often
9) it is a BIG challenge to get in certain nutrients, but definitely doable if you research and be smart about it!

i believe the first 3 were caused a by decreased protein intake...i think i had an adequate level, but it definitely was less than before, i may have lost a bit of muscle also.  protein tends to keep me fuller longer, is a big component of muscle make-up, and seems to give me a little more energy.
4 and 5 - i am definitely adding seafood back in and am currently looking for a place to get high quality, sustainable seafood...any one know of a place?   as for chicken, i do not plan on buying it often, if at all.  i will eat it if someone serves it to me, but i think chicken is way over-consumed, and i feel i am doing my part by drastically cutting down!
6 and 7 - lesson here...eat at home often!
8 - like i have always said, stay away from processed foods
9 - here are my picks for how to get certain nutrients in if you are a vegan...

calcium - greens, tempeh or tofu, fortified almond milk
omega 3s - chia seeds, ground flax seeds, walnuts
iron - pumpkin seeds, lentils, cook in a cast-iron skillet, eat iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods to increase absorption, tempeh, tofu
zinc - pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, greens like swiss chard
vitamin B12 - nutritional yeast, nori(seaweed in sushi)
vitamin D - this was the most challenging one!  you can either supplement or....

my vitamin D will be increasing tremendously now that i am adding salmon and sardines back in!!!

i also have to admit that i did cheat a bit...not intentionally(at first).  i went to the movies and got popcorn, just not thinking about the butter!  then after i realized it, i did it one more time!!!!!   but i didn't eat any animal flesh the entire month!  my challenge to you....go vegetarian once or twice a week and go vegan once or twice a month....decide what is really important to you in terms of animal eats, but try to steer towards veggies as your main course and meat as your side dish!