long time....no post!!!! 

here's a good one!  my new secret weapon....well, not really a secret.  i got off track just a bit with my own diet recently, life gets in the way as most of you can understand!  usually when people say their diet has not been great lately, they think about what they can cut out to get it back on track....not me!....i think about what i can add in!!!!   my first thought...greens! 

here is another way to GET YOUR GREENS

Kale Smoothie (there are similar recipes to this everywhere typically called green goddess smoothies, this is MY version)
one frozen banana, break in half
one apple, leave skin on, diced up (you can use another neutral colored fruit like pear or melon*)
2 packed cups chopped kale
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup water
1 scoop unflavored whey protein powder (optional)

stuff everything in a blender, starting with banana, then apple, then kale, pour in juice and water, add whey protein (if desired) after it is blended a bit.  blend until smooth and creamy.

*if you want the bright green color, do not use dark colored fruits like strawberries or blueberries.  it will taste fine, but will not be as brilliant in color. 

i have been bringing my smoothies to work and have been getting lots of questions about the taste.....

it is mostly sweet, but there is a slight bitter note as well.   kale is one of the milder greens, but if you are not used to it, it may be a stronger flavor for you.  definitely give it a try! 

2 cups of raw kale is only 66 calories, over 400% daily value of vitamin A, almost 300% daily value of vitamin C, 20% daily value of calcium, and 12% daily value of iron.....holy schamoly!!!   KALE IS AWESOME!

i try to buy most of my veggies at the farmers' market, but since kale really isn't in season right now, i have been buying a couple bags at the grocery store.  it is nice because they are pre-chopped and pre-washed!!!

my running has been awesome lately.  i am only going about 2 times a week, but have surprised myself in terms of my fitness level.  my hips and shoulder have been doing better.  it really is a day to day thing right now.  sometimes i feel awesome and sometimes my shoulder aches all day.   just doing the best i can to manage the pain and do my functional exercises consistently.  i know i must think "long-term"......