yay!  i got my "selected" shots from john today!  i think they are absolutely amazing!  of course the best 3, 2 of which, in john's words, are "irreplaceable", will be saved for his book "Fit Girls, Volume two".  those three i haven't seen yet, but if they are the BEST ones, i know they will blow me away!  be on the lookout for that incredible book soon!  volume one is already out!  i do have 8 pics, but am only going to post 5...3 i am saving for personal reasons, but they are equally amazing!  it was such an honor to work with john.  so glad i got the chance!  the shoot was long and hard, but totally and completely worth it!  as you can see!  go take a look at my shots on facebook! 

today, i did a tempo run, 4.5 miles in 35 minutes, felt pretty darn good! 
did a long run last saturday, about 8.5 miles, and hiked 12 miles the next day! whew!  my knees were a little swollen after all that!  the hike was fun, but pretty brutal, very technical and very aerobically challenging, definitely separates the men from the boys and the serious fitness chicks from the cardio queens!!!  hehe
hope everyone has a great weekend! peace!