Prep has OFFICIALLY begun!  started my "diet" and hardcore tri training on friday.  i did some testouts to see where my baseline is.  i did a 600 yard swim in ten minutes and a 16 mile bike in 57.5 minutes.  pretty good for a beginner!  however, i do have a higher fitness level than most to start with.  my run testout is tomorrow morning.  this is definitely my weakest discipline.  i borrowed a road bike from a friend and am SO happy about it!  dang, it makes such a difference.  i felt like i was flying today.  my diet is fairly high cals and carbs right now, but can already tell that i am at a good deficit, because i am hungry, but not too bad YET!  i figured that i will be doing about 6 hours of cardio a week, all tri training, which is more than i typically do for a figure prep, but less than many other girls do!  i will only be in the gym lifting 3 days a week, 2 days with my trainer, one day shoulders/abs, one day full body "kick my ass" circuit, one day full body heavy.  i am excited to see how my body will respond.  i feel i have made some good gains in the off season, and i feel pretty lean starting at 12 weeks out from the figure show.  i was going to add pics, but for some reason, it is not letting me!  maybe i will try tomorrow!