this morning i was planning my meals for the week because we are hopefully going to make it to the store today to stock up and i was having a little trouble coming up with ideas, so i headed to the pantry.  i pulled things out from the back that had been there for a while and was immediately inspired!  sometimes the inspiration you need is closer than you think.  here are some of the things i found...

some ideas i came up with......Moroccan couscous with golden raisins, sliced almonds, toasted coconut, and spicy tofu. other things i will need for this dish are veg stock to cook the couscous and stuff to make a dressing like red wine vinegar( i have that), lemons(i need them), dijon mustard (have it), olive oil, salt, pepper(always on hand!). 
another idea that jumped into my head....Pumpkin ginger risotto.  got the rice, the pumpkin, and the ginger(in the freezer), i need onion, garlic, veg stock, oh and some protein....i think i'll go with soybeans, which i have in the freezer as well!  2 dishes down!
i won't need all the pumpkin for the risotto, so i will use the rest for some pumpkin pancakes, which ryan requested!  he loves breakfast for dinner.  i will add some whey protein to the batter.  i think i will also fix my baba ganoush(eggplant) flatbread again this week, it is soooo flavorful, and i think this time i will top it with sauteed peppers.  also on tap, spinach/quinoa pie again, another coconut curry dish, but this time lentils will be the bulk of the dish instead of rice or pasta.  and finally, i hope the store has some brussels sprouts, because i have really been craving shredded sauteed brussels with lemon and toasted walnuts.  great flavor combo!  let me know if you'd like more details on any of these dishes!  hopefully i have inspired you to come up with some new stuff!  live dense!