just keep telling yourself that Bree!!!!!  i did NOT like them today!  3 mistakes i made before the workout...
1. going with two men!....this really hit my confidence hard!
2. not knowing we were actually sprinting up the hills...i thought it was just hill repeats
3. running too fast on the recovery...i should have walked the downs

today was not my day!  i felt crappy mentally going into the workout....for some reason i have not had the best couple of days...feeling a little depressed and don't know why!  maybe because my fitness has decreased a bit and i am NOT liking it!  you are not alone out there ladies (and gents) when it comes to depression associated with bodyweight and fitness levels!  even Bree Marsh feels the pain!  you just gotta keep putting the work in...smartly!  don't make it an all or nothing thing.  with each day of smart, injury free training you will become fitter and fitter, but you gotta put in the time!!!  same with nutrition!  it doesn't happen in a week or even a month.  keep making the smart nutrition choices for your health and the rest will fall into place....and try not to let the few off days mess with your mind, just get back on the program the next day!