and that's about it! this you???
as you should know by now, i am constantly trying to raise awareness about "eating for health" as opposed to "eating for weight"
you may be someone who only cares about calories!  here are a few ways to know for sure...
1. you are constantly falling victim to and/or contemplating the latest diet trend
2. you are constantly trying to stay within a specific calorie range
3. you fit crappy snack foods into your diet plan like low-calorie cookies/crackers, sugar-free dessert foods, and/or artificial sweeteners, but cut out super nutrient dense foods like fruit, certain vegetables, and grains.
4. you get depressed when the number on the scale fluctuates up a few pounds
5. you get annoyed or look down on someone who eats carbs a lot (even at dinner!) and has a great physique
6. you rely on supplements for the majority of your micro- and phyto-nutrients
do any of these sound like you!  may be time to re-focus a little! 
i like to practice what i preach and here is my summary and feedback since the beginning of the year...
  • i have greatly increased my variety of food, especially with vegetables
  • i have drastically cut down my meat intake, but let's make it clear, i am not a vegetarian, just significantly decreased my portions and changed up the types of protein sources, i still consume adequate protein!
  • i have stopped taking all supplements, including a multivitamin/mineral, fish oil, and biotin, with the exception of a whey protein powder
  • i have become more aware of where my food is coming from and how it was killed/harvested
  • i have built the majority of my meals around vegetables, instead of meats
  • i have incorporating tons more herbs and spices, which are highly under-recognized when it comes to anti-oxidant capacity
so how do i feel?...awesome!  i feel like i have more energy, i feel like my whole body is healthier, including my skin and hair, which in the past has caused some major stress for me due to falling out issues!, i feel like a more complete person body and soul, i feel like i am contributing to the environment and the sustainability of the planet, i never feel deprived, i am happier and less stressed overall, i am loving my physique, i weight myself a lot less than six months ago (probably only once every 2-3 weeks and mainly out of curiosity!), i truly enjoy food and cooking, i have improved my palate, i have incorporated things i never thought i would(i.e. onions!), and i am so happy that i am contributing to my husband's health as well! 
now, i am not looking down on you if you are a "eat for weight" or "calorie counting" individual, but i do want to help steer you in a better direction!  and again, it is not an overnight change!  i am not saying, go throw out all your supps and buy all the veggies you can for next week!  it is a slow, on-going process!  i recently looked through a supplement magazine and was blown away by everything they sold....CoQ10, MEGA EFA (essential fatty acids), vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed and red wine extracts, garlic ultra, green tea extract, chromium, cinnamon in capsule form, and many many more....why not just eat dark leafy greens or broccoli and fatty fish for Q10 and EFAs, eat a variety of fruits and veggies and nuts for vitamins C and E, eat grapes and drink red wine occasionally, drink green tea, and use cinnamon in recipes or sprinkle on your food?  crazy idea i know!  BUT you can get all the stuff that the supplements offer, plus tons of other important nutrients when you actually eat food!  everyone is different of course and some people may really need to take specific supplements, but if you practice and gradually change your lifestyle, you can drastically decrease your reliance!

ok, back to my super food....since no one gave me any suggestions for artichoke hearts! (i know there are tons of peeps out there who read this!!!  why no suggestions?)  i guess i am just going to throw them on pizza tonight, since i know that will make ryan happy, because he LOVES my pizza! 
don't know what food for next week yet, gotta think!
have a great weekend!  TRY A NEW VEGGIE!!!