one more day til my first triathlon!  i feel very ready, but still very nervous.  the last few days have been very interesting for me...this is going to be hard to explain, but i will try my best!   i have been very emotional when i have been by myself this past week, almost brought to tears reflecting on my choice to try something new.  and i have been very inspired by my own hard work and enjoyment of this process as well as by others doing what they love to do or attempting something new that will improve their life and/or make them happier/healthier.   i am so happy i decided to train for a triathlon.  the atmosphere at these events is so great, so inviting, so inspiring, you just gotta be a part of it!  i feel that along my journey, i have inspired others to try new things as well, whether it be running, biking, swimming, or something else entirely.  i think with most things in life, you DO have a choice...and you should do what makes you happy, in your personal life, professional life, and training life.  for the last few years, i was all about "figure" and i DO really enjoy competing in that, but i don't absolutely LOVE it, like some other girls do.  yes, i love the process, i love the mental challenge it brings, but could i do it 8 months out of the year?, NO, i need something else to keep me going...and i think i have found it!   it is just a different feeling the week leading up to a race compared to the week leading up to a figure show.  i have wrote numerous blogs about this before, so i am not going to bore you with my feelings again.  but i have to say, you need to experience it for yourself!  and NEVER SAY NEVER!  five years ago, i would tell you i would never compete in a running event much less a triathlon, but here i am living proof that anyone can do anything!  if you put your mind, your heart, your soul, your love into something, even if you are not that great at it, you can inspire others and yourself more than you'll ever know!  believe me!  how i am feeling right now is reward enough for all my hard work these past 8 weeks!  can't wait to tell you how it goes on sunday!!!
ps...if you live in Athens, check out the article in Athens Magazine on me and ryan!  posted some pics on facebook.