got a couple things to report/comment about...

had two great weight training workouts monday and yesterday...monday i did a loaded up, hard n' heavy, everything but the kitchen sink shoulder workout. tuesday i did legs with was killer....seriously...i got an ocular migraine about 20 minutes after! these are really freaky...your vision gets spotty and you see wavy lines in your periphery. i have had one before, but didn't actually get a headache after...this time i did. it was all in the front too. i was out for the rest of the day! maybe i worked too hard??? side note on legs...we usually focus mostly on glutes and hams during leg training and typically stick to stationary lunges, such as reverse or split lunges with a leg up on a bench, but yesterday I did heavy walking lunges and my quads are super sore today. I try hard to push through my glutes, but have found that walking lunges require a lot more quad recruitment than stick to stationary for the most part if you want rounder, higher, tighter glutes and you don't want your quads to become over-powering!

i am almost all set to compete in my hotel and plane ticket, and got show tickets for sunday....we are seeing cirque's mystere. i just need to send in the entry form! can't forget that!!! we aren't staying at the host hotel because i want to make a real vaca out of it and stay on the strip, so we are at Bally's hotel right in the middle of everything! it isn't that far from the venue. getting excited! now, i just gotta become a lean machine!

i also signed up for my tri! so i am IN! kinda nervous about this! however, i am trying not to put too much pressure on myself, i just want to train hard, have fun, and stay injury-free! exciting news about tri training...I found out monday that a friend is lending me his road bike, so no more training on the mountain bike...interested to see how much of a difference it will make!

my sleep has been up and down the last few days....lately, it seems i can get to sleep easier if i have the TV on...last night, it stayed on all night! i have started taking 5-HTP(hydroxytryptophan) and it seems to be working a little, but who knows. it is supposed to help with mood and anxiety too, so i think i should keep taking it. i have started adding some more supps into my regimen as well, i have some CLA left from last year's prep, so i started taking one a day...can't hurt!....and i am taking ZMA at night, which contains 500mg of valerian root, so that may help with sleep as well.

other news...

check out his article on "the pill" and muscle gains in women...kinda interesting. i recently got off the pill and have noticed some changes in muscle gains and body fat!

finally, since it is EARTH DAY, i want to re-post a blog I posted on myspace a long time ago....have a great rest of the week!

Be the change…

What is happening to our planet, the environment, and all the people living in America and on this earth is very serious!

If you want something to change, you must be the change! Here’s what I am doing…

You can do it too, it is so easy. If you find out something that you can do will help the earth, the environment, the future for your children, why would you not do it???

  • RECYCLE!!! It is so easy, if you do not do it, why not? Recycle plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, etc. Sooner or later, we are going to run out of places to put our trash and we will run out of natural resources.

  • Buy recycled products – toilet paper, paper towels, notebook and computer paper.

  • Use less paper products – use half of a paper towel, use less TP, re-use sheets of paper when you are taking notes.

  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store – buy 3-4 big, cloth bags and use them instead of the plastic bags they give you.

  • Use less water! – this is a BIG one…water is running out…seriously! Take shorter showers, turn off the facet when washing your face/brushing your teeth, do not flush the toilet every time, seriously…if it’s yellow, let it mellow!!!

  • Drive fuel efficient cars. I see so many huge trucks on the road…why??? Does everyone who drives a truck really need a truck? NO!!!

  • Drive less often…walk people!

  • Save energy – turn off your lights, don’t go crazy with your thermostat, set your computer on hibernate, un-plug appliances when not using them.

  • Don’t litter – why would you? It is so ugly…just throw your waste in the trash, it is not that hard!

  • Chose your food wisely – Fish…our oceans are way over fished and many fish now have very high levels of mercury, which is hazardous to your health! Find out what fish are the best to eat in terms of supporting healthy and abundant oceans and mercury levels! Go to this website for more info…

Beef and chicken…you do not need to eat beef and chicken everyday! Try alternative protein sources like legumes, soy, and eggs.

  • Visit national parks to see how beautiful they are and why we need to save them!

  • Exercise and eat right – our nation has become so obese, it is about time we make a change. Too many children, at too young an age, are getting diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Come on, you know what to do! Less fast food, more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, make time to go to the gym and take walks.