we all know "greens" are way up there on the density scale.  kale, collards, spinach, beet/mustard/turnip greens and swiss chard...this fabulous foliage should be consumed at least twice a week!  but how do you mix it up and go beyond the simple saute?....which is a wonderfully easy way to cook them!   here are my ideas.....with pics and/or recipes to perk your palate right up!

check out some of my old kale recipes
soups and salads work well with kale.  not too long ago i did a kale and beet soup which was inspired by a salad recipe, out of 'whole living magazine.'  i actually made the salad as well, but i used a mixture of spinach, collards, and mustard greens instead of kale.  and i blanched the greens before i dressed them to try to get rid of some of the bitterness associated with collards and mustard greens.  kale is a much better choice for a salad because it is not as strong or as tough as the other greens.  here is my version. 

throw greens in any soup or chili for an extra nutrition boost!

here is some turnip greens in my venison chili

casseroles and bakes are another way to go.  i think this works well with spinach.  i am not a huge fan of cooked spinach on its own, but when i put it in a dish with other amazing flavors, i love it.  i know i always go back to this recipe, but it is one of my all-time faves!  i have done this with silken tofu instead of cottage cheese and i have done it with broccoli, swiss chard, and kale instead of spinach.  here's mine with some other colorful sides.

this is a great high protein vegetarian option!  do it vegan with the tofu.
maybe throw some collards in your next chicken casserole or some spinach in your next lasagna.

i have always wanted to try this Michael Chiarello recipe using broccoli rabe...aka rapini.

pasta is a great way to go.  you can do it up nice and light with a simple saute of garlic, olive oil, greens, and lemon juice or you can make it a little more hearty with a bold peanut butter sauce.  check out this old recipe...i know it doesn't contain any leafy greens that were mentioned above (broccoli is the green) but you can always add any other greens you want!  serve it over pasta or on its own.  here's a pic with kale and pasta using the PB sauce.

you can't go wrong with a simple saute, it may be boring but if you serve it with something like a light seafood or a juicy burger it brightens the plate right up.

saute in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.  you can also add onion and some lemon juice or vinegar to finish it off.

what about putting them in the oven?  hhmm...that's interesting huh!  check out this crispy kale recipe.

oh yea, i almost forgot....PIZZA!   use my pizza dough recipe in the 'dense dishes' section and get creative with your toppings!

homemade dough topped with tomato sauce, cilantro and chives, diced red peppers, and fresh spinach.

melt a little part-skim mozzarella and serve with some good balsamic and olive oil...delish....and DENSE!

how do YOU like to enjoy your GREENS???
what green is your fave?

can you tell which photos are old and which are new....  ;)