here are some of the veggies i have for this week so far...

BABY KALE.   i bought two big bags of it at the farmers market on saturday, and ry and i have just been using it for salads.  kale is milder than other greens like collards and mustard greens, so it works very well with a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, and could do a Caesar  Salad.  there are so many types of kale.  i like to change it up.  what is your favorite type and what do you do with it?....i would love some ideas/recipes to link up to my blog! 

PURPLE KOHLRABI.  last week i made a coconut curry risotto using green kohlrabi.  this week, i was planning to simply roast it along with the beautiful carrots i got, BUT i really want to do something a little more creative....ANY IDEAS????  i would love to hear them!

ONION SCAPES.  i got about 5 bunches of these pretty babies.  i am assuming they taste like onions.  anyone had any experience with these???   i have only recently started cooking with onions.  however, i had to give away four red onions that were in my veggie box because the flavor is just too strong!  ryan would eat them, but then i would have to smell them for the rest of the day ;)   i am hoping the onion scapes have a more green onion/scallion flavor, because i have always liked that.  i guess you can eat the flowers as well?!

other stuff i picked up....
snap peas....i am going to make the fresh pea hummus i did last week and mix it with pasta.
baby collards and yellow squash....already threw it in the crockpot, along with a yellow onion, veg stock, sour curry paste, thyme, and i will add some lentils and farro later, for a soup for dinner tonight.
AND, i should get more produce at the end of the week, one of my clients at the gym shares her local veggie box and one of ryan's clients recently signed us up for another veggie box that is delivered to the gym!  i don't think the stuff is local, well, actually i am certain of it because there are bananas in it!....but it is all organic.   it is awesome to be surrounded by dense food!!!    you can be too....check out local CSAs and farmers markets!  they are everywhere!!! 

GIVE ME SOME IDEAS....i will post your recipe and a link to your blog if you have one!   have a wonderful week!