sunday night i made a coconut curried cauliflower pasta....this dish definitely has potential, BUT needs some revisions.  i am now at a point where i rarely follow recipes.  i get an idea and kind of figure out how i want the end product to look and taste as i go along.  sometimes it works out great and sometimes it needs some work!  good thing ryan isn't very picky and pretty much eats whatever i put in front of him!  i started by sauting a head of cauliflower in some coconut oil in my new cast iron skillet.  once it was fork tender and browned a bit, i added some light coconut milk and some curry powder and let it cook for about 5 minutes on low-medium heat.  then i decided i wanted to puree it to make a sauce.  it ended up being pretty chunky and more like a chutney than a smooth sauce.  the flavor was great, but next time i think i will process it more and add more liquid to create a sauce for the whole wheat noodles.
monday night i made a dish that was inspired by my friend tami ramsay.  she does a slow cooked pork loin covered in tomatillos, BUT i could not find those at the grocery store, so i did it with a variety of different veggies instead.  i got a nice lean porkloin, put it in a roasting pan and covered it with fingerling potatoes, parsnips, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions and topped all that with salt, pepper, cumin, and white wine.  then covered and baked it for 4.5 hours and 275.  the pork just pulled apart and the veggies were tender and super flavorful.  and the leftovers were awesome too!  thanks tami!  next time i will find some tomatillos! 
the last part of this blog is a TRICK!  it seems now a days everyone is putting out lists and talking about the top super foods to fight cancer or lose weight or prevent wrinkles or increase energy or whatever it may be...and i am getting down right sick of it!!!  i actually used to get caught up in this, BUT now i think it is kind of dangerous, because there are so many ads on TV and in magazines already that confuse us about food, why should we keep coming out with these lists of foods that are so small and/or assuming to confuse us even more.  i think these lists limit a lot of peoples diets and they end up decreasing their variety and focusing only on these foods for part of the day or they get so confused with all the different lists that they just go the other direction, the other extreme, and start not caring about nutrition at all because they are overwhelmed!   there is NOT a magic number of times you should eat broccoli per week!  you are NOT going to lose weight if you eat blueberries on your cereal every morning!   there is NO reason why you should be eating pomegranates all the time and cutting out bananas or watermelon!  ALL fruits and veggies have amazing anti-cancer properties!  they all have amazing "feel-good" properties.   my challenge to you is, don't get caught up in the "lists"....just eat a lot of fruits and veggies!   try new things, experiment, enjoy, and appreciate the variety!