my pound of "free chicken - naturally" with $5 purchase at earthfare market today.  what does "naturally" or "natural" mean anyway?   well, i have been coming up with some interested ideas for this month.  a former client/friend who is a vegan gave me a few sites to go to for inspiration and i hope to do a version of THIS soon.  YUM!!!  last night was quinoa pie...i use this recipe and modify it a bit.  instead of cottage cheese, i use tofu.  tonight, i am doing an asian stir-fry over rice noodles.  i actually think asian dishes are one of the easiest routes to go in terms of vegetarian and simple yet complex flavors.  i like to experiment with different veggies and different sauce combos.  some common ingredients i use for sauces are soy sauce (lately i have been using bragg liquid aminos-better flavor!), sesame oil, chili sauce, lemon/lime/orange juice and zest, coconut milk, peanut butter, fish sauce, lemongrass, dry mustard, and curry powder or paste (although, this is more thai style).  i have figured out how to cook tofu cast-iron skillet, sear on both sides.  this makes it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  and before you cook it, you got to get all the liquid out, so place it on a plate with some paper towels and set something heavy, like your cast-iron skillet, on top of it.  do this a couple times.  then cut it up and marinate it for an hour or so before cooking. 
like i said before, cheese is going to be a struggle.  i already miss that little extra sharp flavor in my salads!  oh, and BTW, i am still consuming my whey protein.  this next week, i got some risotto, curry, alfredo, flatbread, and chili dishes planned.  i also hope to buy some different grains at the grocery, like amaranth and farro....if i can find them!