fit to dress any grain, could be made for a goddess, or a plain Jane (like me!)

for lunch today, i made this recipe from last week...minus the tahini, plus the addition of one bundle of onion scapes.

cooked up some brown rice pasta(about 6oz of penne) and 1 cup of shelled edamame and mixed everything together.  it made 2 good sized potions.  i placed it over some leftover bib lettuce to continue the green goddess theme!

since i didn't add any tahini this time, which is sesame paste, i topped the pasta with some toasted sesame seeds. 

i haven't received any recipes or ideas for my kohlrabi, so i will try to come up with something today and do it for tomorrow night's dinner....maybe a cool creamy kohlrabi and carrot salad with does that sound? 

today, i also received some more veggies from the local beets, bok choy, and swiss chard....any ideas for those? 
i know i have some readers out there....should i offer up a reward for some ideas???