ok, first off....everything is right in the world again(hehe)....my camera isn't kaput!  battery was dead.  what threw me was that it just stopped while it was still on, i couldn't even shut it off or do anything, that has never happened before.  and even after i plugged it in to the charger...nothing!  after about an hour, after i took it to wolf camera with no hope (you'd think they are smart enough there to tell me it was simply the battery!) it finally shut off and charged back up.  it still makes a funny noise when it turns on and off, but i am hoping that doesn't mean anything, i am ignoring it!

anyhoo, here is a camera welcome back pic.  i missed you in that short time you were gone!  i thought you left me for good!!!

last night's dinner....venison sausage and brown rice pasta with red peppers, garlic, sage, and greens(spinach, collard, and mustard)

here is my plan for the week....i created it after i went to the grocery store this time instead of before.  worked out pretty well!  if you are new to making a food plan, i suggest creating it before you go the store, make your list based on your plan, and only get the items needed to carry out your plan.  this definitely simplifies things!  i like writing it on a dry-erase board, so then ryan knows what we are having each night....kinda makes it fun! 

so, my obsession of the moment is unsweetened cocoa powder!  I LOVE IT!  here is my favorite thing to do with it...

heat up about a cup of High Fiber cereal (i love Trader Joe's 'twigs') with 3/4 cup almond milk for about a minute, then mix in a scoop of whey protein, a TBSP of unsweetened cocoa powder, and a TBSP of chia seeds.  i really enjoy the bitterness of the cocoa, but if you need it a tad sweeter, then add a tsp of honey or agave.  combine thoroughly and top with half a banana.  great after a hard workout!

well, as it says in my plan, tonight is roasted butternut squash and arugula salad....the recipe is in my 'dense dishes' section....check it out!   roasting the squash earlier in the day, since i get off work later tonight.