yep, that's right!  i am done with competing in figure...indefinitely!  this was a simple, YET tough decision.  let me explain...simple, because like in a marriage, if you have to ask yourself more than 3 times if you still love it, then it is time for a break or time to quit!  tough, because i do still really like certain aspects of the sport.  i love the training, i love changing my physique.  i love the discipline, both mentally and physically.  but, i really don't love the actually day and many of the unhealthy parts that i hear about.  i am not doing this because i am burnt out or pissed off because of my placing.  i am not doing it because i can't handle the prep for another 6 weeks.  i am doing it because i have lost the love for the sport.  will i ever get it back?  i certainly hope so!  you shouldn't compete in something if you do not love it and your heart is not in it!  i feel if i do compete at team U, i will be doing it for the wrong reasons.  i would be doing it to prove to others that i can stay in the game.  i know i can stay in the game...i just don't want to!  i hear so many competitors bitching about placings, money, etc.  i am not going to be one of those girls.  i will admit, i am a little disappointed in the judging at USAs, but that is not what is taking me out of the game.  i am not sick of my current fact, i plan to stick with it for a while, because i do love the way i look, i have an exciting photo shoot coming up, and it is not super restrictive.  i absolutely loved the way i looked in vegas, i really can't find an aspect of my physique that really needs improvement!  i am happy with the way my prep went, i am so happy i did a tri, and i can't wait to see what the future holds for me!   i am so happy that i decided to go see my grandparents over labor day weekend and spend the money on that plane ticket instead of NYC.  another comfirmation that i did the right thing is my change in attitude or overall joy these last few days! my decision is final, and even though it will be hard watching the pics come up and following the play-by-play of team U on siouxcountry and wondering "what if"....i have my whole life to get back into it if i decide to!  i've got the genetics, i've got the metabolism, i've got the discipline, i just don't have the heart right now!  do you have the heart?  if you your thing girls!  but if you have to ask yourself over and over "why am i doing this" may be time to take a break!  thanks so much to all who supported me and motivated me!  i have great fans!  and i do still hope to do a tri in october, so i will keep you posted on that!  much love and peace!