so, many figure competitors and triathletes have coaches/trainers, right?  and they should follow the programs the trainer writes out for them, right?  and they shouldn't question the trainer's plan, they should just trust them and do it, right? WRONG!  this is what i see time and time again, even if someone isn't working with a trainer, but is following a plan they themselves may have come up with at the beginning of their prep...they want to follow it to a T even if it is not working the way they had hoped, for some reason, they think their body will eventually realize that what the mind is doing is right and the body will soon do what the mind wants.  this is sooooo NOT the case people!  the body doesn't want to get super lean!  the body does not want to be pushed beyond its abilities in order to set a PR!  the body wants to survive, the body wants to be healthy, and it will do whatever it takes to achieve this! 
most athletes are not lazy physically, but many are lazy mentally!  what i mean by this is that they do very little work on their own to understand the reasoning behind the programs their trainers write up for them.  OR they do not revise their own plans smartly according to their progress, but instead just work harder and harder, add more cardio, eat less carbs, train longer hours, train more days, and actually hault their progress.  sticking to your original plan no matter what usually seems like the best idea and usually gives you that mental toughness you need to motivate you to make it through, however rarely is it the smartest way to go!   you (or your trainer) do not know exactly how your body is going to react to specific training techniques.  it is such a learning process, and what may have worked previously may not work now.  not taking the time to re-examine prep plans is laziness!  not taking the time to understand a plan your trainer gave you is laziness!  if something is not working and you just decide to work harder, you are lazy!  sad, but true!  sometimes it takes more mental toughness to step back, re-examine everything, re-focus, come up with a new game plan, and experiment.  you need to constantly study yourself...don't leave it all up to your trainer.  they don't know how your body works!  i don't care how much experience or how good that trainer may be (or appear to be).   i want my clients to question my motives!  and sometimes, i may not have an answer, which means, i need to back up, re-examine my thoughts and revise my plan.  does this make me a bad trainer, absolutely not.  to me, a bad or "not-so-good" trainer is one who makes a client train harder and harder instead of smarter and doesn't put some of the respobsibility in the client's hands!   don't be lazy and just work harder!....take the time to work smarter!  don't run your body into the ground and ruin your future progress!  stay in the game for the long haul!  take the mental steps now, use your brain a little.  understand your training plan and your food choices.  if you have been doing the same thing for the last 3 years...ask yourself why!  if your trainer has you eating something everyday, ask them why!   you do not need to eat chicken and asparagus everyday!!!!  you do not have to get your 10 hours of training in every week for your plan to just think you do!  put in the mental work or get out of the game!   don't train brainlessly!  more to come!!!