pretty darn close!...a few minor changes. 

monday = veggie frittata and orange slices

 tuesday = salmon and pesto over balsamic arugula with roasted carrots, beets, leeks, and squash

wednesday = bison burger with swiss cheese on flatbread and crispy kale

thursday = sardine pasta with olives, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon, and parm

i don't have detailed recipes for these, but would be more than happy to give you tips on how to create them!  just let me know!  notice how on most of the pics, veggies and fruit are the majority of the plate!  this is how you get full and satisfied and get an abundance of micro-nutrients and phytochemicals!  at least half the plate peeps!  come on, fill up!!!

home-made pizza tonight with fresh basil from a friends garden!