last night i did a second attempt at my pasta with curried cauliflower sauce.  this time it was much better but still a little room for improvement.  i roasted a small head of cauliflower (broken up into florretts) in a little coconut oil at 300 for 1.5 hours until it was nice a soft.  then i pureed it with half a tin of curry paste, some chicken stock, and a little lemon juice.  i also added a touch of soy sauce.  the flavor was very good.  i mixed this up with some cooked udon noodles, and that was dinner.  it was a lot of sauce, so if you have enough pasta, it could serve 4-6 people.  it was also a little thick, so next time i will make more pasta and thin out the sauce a bit.  tonight, i am doing 3 green and white bean soup.  the greens are kale, beet greens and carrot tops.  i am slow cooking it in a crockpot with white beans, garlic, diced tomatoes, chicken breast, chicken sausage, chicken stock, and a bay leaf.  i'll be eatin some super food tonight.  the rest of the week is filled with nutrients as well.  got some baby sweet potatoes, big bright beets, and leftover pumpkin in the freezer.