is officially back in my life!  oh, how i have missed you!  i quit drinking it about 6 months ago because i was just getting sick of it.  i would only drink about 4 oz then pour the rest out.  but it has returned.  green tea just isn't cutting it anymore!  besides giving me that extra energy jolt to get through my highly active day, it also gives me some much needed "flava" in the morn!  i put a little vanilla soy milk in mine.
whew, what a week...thank goodness next week is recovery.  everyday was a challenge this week, but a challenge that i met with positive energy and confidence and conquered!  i am feeling very good about my training and am so glad i have such a wonderful coach, i love my man!   my physique ain't lookin too shabby either!  hope to post pics tomorrow.  sittin at about 133.  i feel my waist is getting smaller faster than previous preps.  my training in the gym has been going well, except for the fact that i can't train heavy on my legs because they are constantly sore and tight from running/biking!  i am hoping that i put on enough quality muscle in the off season to last.  i think my quads will be fine, may be too big!
even though next week is recovery, i may run a 5k on memorial day.  i have test outs in a week and have high hopes that my fitness has improved!   looking forward to a long, somewhat easy bike tomorrow with a group and some heavy shoulders in the gym.  tonight we are taking my step-brother out to dinner for graduation and i am contemplating a "break" from diet.  i had originally planned to stay clean this weekend, but that may be tough....maybe just a little something sweet, we'll see :)