so i wrapped up Brussels spouts last friday...we had ranch venison burgers with sweet potato fries and broiled brown sugar Brussels....ryan gave the meal a 4.  i boiled the halved sprouts in vegetable stock again until just fork tender, then i drained them, put them on a sheet pan and sprinkled them with just a little dark brown sugar, then i put them under the broiler for only 2-3 minutes, to give them a nice caramelization!  they were tender inside, with a nice sticky, slightly crisp outside.  very good indeed!  some other ways i would love to see Brussels prepared is....
-minced up and mixed in with creamy mashed potatoes
-grilled on skewers with other veggies
-baked with raisins or dried cranberries, and topped with feta cheese - this was inspired by Kim Dunker-thanks kim!
-breaded in panko and parmesan and baked
-blanched, broken apart and served in a cold salad. 
these ideas will have to wait! 

i am taking a short break from my superfood blog because we are leaving for Austin, TX to run our half-marathon / marathon!  i feel very ready to race and hope to come back with a great report!

this week, i am bringing back some old superstars....maybe some kale, leek, and white bean soup!  3 stars in one! 

after the half-marathon, i will be officially starting my triathlon training and am super excited!  i am also now officially on a regional tri team called DreamBelieveTRI and will be posting training blogs and race reports on their website when the season starts! definitely stay tuned for that!!!

alrighty....til i post again...have a great week!....peace!