tonight i am upping the ante on a dish i made exactly a week ago.  last thursday, i roasted a bunch of green veggies along with some chopped garlic at 400 degrees for about an hour in just olive oil, salt and pepper and then tossed them with whole wheat pasta, lemon juice, parmesan, and i added canned sardines that were marinated in mediterranean was so incredibly amazing, i swear i ate it in less than 2 minutes!  tonight, i am doing the same thing except i am using coconut oil instead of olive oil and am adding some color with a yellow pepper.  i can't wait to see what the coconut oil does as the veggies roast nice and slow!  thanks so much to Mickey for giving us some of her cherished coconut oil!!!  and, she also gave us some super thick and rich AND expensive balsamic, so i need to figure out some interesting ways to use that as well!  tomorrow, i am picking up my 2nd basket from the farm and i believe we are getting some tat soi, which is something i have never worked with, so that may be my veggie for next week!  i will try to post a pic of my coconut roasted veggie pasta tonight!  and BTW, coconut oil is a saturated fat, which is typically considered a "bad fat", however, there has been new research that suggests that because the fat in coconut oil is a medium chain fat (MCF) instead of a long chain, it reacts differently in the body and may actually increase metabolism, so now "they" are suggesting that coconut oil is good for thoughts on this comes from a plant, so it is different from saturated fat that comes from animals.  it is a MCF, which is what is predominately present in breast milk, is used in hospitals to nourish patients who have been seriously injured, and is present to a very high degree in cultures that live in tropical climates and have less prevalence heart disease, cancer, and colon problems, so.......i am all for it!  medium chain fats like coconut oil produce energy fast, so in turn are not stored as fat as readily as other fats!
Coconut oil has been shown to...protect from illness, speed healing, increase energy, increase exercise performance, and speed up metabolism, which can increase weight loss!   who knew?   now you do!  REMEMBER!...there is not ONE key to weight loss, it is always a combination of things, so this is not the secret weapon!  start making little changes today that will eventually add up, turn your lifestyle around and help you become healthier, happier, fitter, and less prone to disease! 

on a side note, i have my first TRI this weekend and will be writing a race report sometime next week on the teams TRAINING BLOG