oh shiznit...it is on like donkey kong these next few weeks...kickin it up a notch fo sure!  hehe
did my first TRUE brick today (bike to run) and it was awesome.  biked 28 miles, then ran 10 minutes at about 7.2 mph...actually felt really good!  however, your legs do feel like bricks when you first start the run, but that lets up a bit once you get in your groove.  this definitely gave me more confidence about my fitness level.  it is comin up!  got an open water swim planned today as well...over 2 hrs of cardio...glad i get my carbs!  about to leave for greenwood, SC, for ry's tri (Festival of Flowers).  he is going to kill it!  i am excited for this one!  well, gotta go pack up all my food.  rest day tomorrow.  then back at it monday with a tempo run and heavy weights with nick. peace.