so i have signed up for my tri on october 4!  training is going ok.  i have a ton going on so i am not getting in as much as i would like, but my fitness hasn't slipped much, so i should be ok!  just getting it in when i can at this point!  my mind and body are ready for a break.  2 more weeks til my photo shoot (hopefully it will happen!), then i can loosen up my diet a bit and get some more cals in to fuel my workouts, as they will increase in the weeks leading up, with a taper week of course!  after the tri, i plan on either taking a full year off from competing in anything OR just play it by ear and maybe do a few tris here and there.  i really want to stay away from structured training for a little while.  this however doesn't mean getting out of shape!  i would love to maintain my weight at about 5-7 lbs heavier than i am right now.  i am going to start working out with my trainer in the gym, meaning he will do the workouts too, which will save me money AND keep me in the gym, YAY! i am still very happy with my decision to stop competing in figure, i feel very free and more laidback even though i am still in prep mode!  i am very excited for the year to come, i have many things planned, like travel, concerts, hiking, rock-climbing, out to eat more with friends and is going to be great!  even though you CAN have a life outside of figure when you are prepping, your mind is still always focused on that show, it really does consume you!  i have never really felt "in place" in the bodybuilding/figure environment for many reasons, but mainly because my prep is very different from most.  i have seen and heard many things during my years competing and i really don't want to "knock" anyone else's prep plans, but i do want to let everyone know that there are other ways of doing it and if you step back and really think about some things you will understand where i am coming from!  to explain more, i am going to talk about some of the things i hear about competition diets, that many people do, but i simply can't understand why!
1.  eating a super high protein diet!  why do people feel they need such high protein?  is it true that athletes need more protein than sedentary people?...YES....but not 2 grams per pound of bodyweight more!!!  especially if you are a figure competitor!  yes, you need a good base of protein, but that extra is just more calories that you could be spending on carbs!!!  carbs are not the enemy....a calorie is a calorie!  my tip for protein is decrease you protions of meat to 3 ounces, this is still about 20grams protein, and increase you carbs a bit.  keep the calories the same, you may be happier!  i am!
2. eating something everyday!...especially if you don't enjoy it!  why do figure girls eat asparagus everyday?  does someone have an answer for this?  do they enjoy the smell of their urine!  what magical power does asparagus have?  yes, it is good to include it in your diet occasionally, it is very nutritient dense, but there are many many other veggies that are equally as good!  don't exclude other stuff and decrease your variety, which is one major key to excellent health, to make room for frickin asparagus everyday!!!  i just don't understand!  also, tilapia? and some eat this for breakfast!?? don't eat something you hate, just because everyone else is doing it! there are many substitutions and fit very welll into a prep diet.  i actualy really like asparagus, but i love many other veggies too and there is no reason why they should be left out.
3. completely changing your diet for the last week of prep!  why would anyone in their right mind do this!?  i see so many people take out things the last week for "drying out" purposes but i will never understand why!  do they feel they don't look good a week out?  and they need to drastically change something in the next seven days?  your mind may think it is a good idea but the body does what it wants to do, it doesn't follow the mind in most cases.  and usually, this drastic change affects the appearance of your phisque in unflattering ways!  it will compenstae somehow for unknown additions or subtractions of things it has relied on for so long...think about it!  hard!

think about these 3 points, they make sense to me!  i really just want to help those of you out there who are confused about some thing related to diet prep.  and if you'd like more help, just contact me!

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