after training my 5:45am client and completing a challenging speed workout on the treadmill, i came home, showered off, and made my 2nd breakfast of the day!  my first breakfast was an experiment.  i made THIS RECIPE.  it was pretty good, but i heated it up a bit, i couldn't eat it super cold right out of the fridge!  for my 2nd breakfast, i made my protein pancakes(recipe is in 'dense dishes' section!) in the waffle maker.  i smudged some PB between the 2 and topped it with strawberries, blueberries, and agave nectar.  click on pic!

i get asked a lot, "what is a good breakfast?"  my thoughts on this question have changed a bit over the years.  i used to recommend cold/dry whole grain cereals often, like kashi or some type of whole grain/high fiber flake, cluster or granola, but now i lean more towards hot and hearty and/or rich and creamy breakfasts that are made from minimally processed ingredients.  some suggestions i give are 1) of course, my protein pancakes, 2) smoothies, made at home from frozen fruit, banana, kefir or almond milk, ground flax or chia seeds, dark juice, and protein powder, 3) one cereal i really like is Ezekiel cereal, warmed up with milk and fruit, 4) steel-cut oats with fruit and flax and scrambled eggs with herbs, 5) nutrient dense homemade breakfast bread or muffin, packed with whole wheat, almond flour, nuts and fruit, natural sweetener and flavorings, and ground flax or chia. 
those would be my top 5!  and i am sure some of you are saying..."i ain't got time for that in the mornings!"  well, there is a simple solution....PLAN AHEAD!  make the pancake batter the night before.  defrost the frozen fruit in the blender in the fridge the night before and add the remaining ingredients quickly in the morn.  cereal is super fast and easy!  cook the steel-cut oats in bulk one day during the weekend and instead of scrambled eggs, make a batch of hard-boiled eggs.  play around with a breakfast bread or muffin recipe...who knows, i may post one soon :)

on another note....i am still working on my photography!  i have a light that i was using to help my herbs grow, but since they are dead!....i can never make herbs at home....i have attempted a couple times with no luck :(  ....i am now using the light to figure out how to make my pics look better.  it seems a little harsh right now, so i think i need to soften it somehow.  here is a pic, what do you think??

this is under the light with no flash.  outside pics still look the best, but i am not always ready to take a pic in the day time, i am usually wanting a pic right after i make dinner, when it is dark outside! 
this was a great dinner is absolutely amazing with absolutely no cheese!  this has artichokes, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, chives, and tempeh.  along side a frisee and upland cress salad, and some balsamic for dipping!

tonight's dinner will be a little more work.  i am planning on making butternut squash and sage wontons.  trying to decide if i just want to steam them or steam them then crisp them up in the cast-iron...any thoughts?