direct quote from my husband Ryan!  this is what we had for dinner last night.

although i cannot give you the exact recipe for two reasons, 1) i don't have the exact recipe, i just threw some stuff together and 2) it is very similar to a recipe i sell on my website, i can encourage you to get more creative with your salads.  here are a few ways to zest up those boring salads.
- add fruit.  i chopped up some strawberries and roasted some butternut squash with rosemary and sage.
-add a small amount of a really flavorful cheese.  i used goat cheese.  other options are blue cheese, feta, or shards of parm
-make your own dressing.  i combined balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, lemon juice, evoo, salt and pepper. 
-add fresh herbs.  i sometimes buy a salad mix that contains herbs like parsley and dill and it adds so much flavor.  basil would also work well.
- roast your own nuts for a crunchy finish.  walnuts, pecans, or almonds work best.
-don't forget to add a lean meat for a little protein!
there ya have it.  get creative!