last night we had some friends over and had an amazing, beautiful, nutrient dense, super flavorful, and suprising easy laid back dinner.   i had bought some frozen sea scallops a while ago from a local specialty foods shop (Healthy Gourmet) and was waiting for the right time to use them.  they are caught the same day they are frozen and shipped down from Alaska.  they were some of the best i have ever had.  i thawed them in some cool water for about 45-50 minutes, opened and patted them dry, seasoned them simply with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and seared them in my super hot cast-iron skillet with some grapeseed oil for about 3 minutes per side.  that was it for the scallops.  i served them on top of a rutabaga puree, which was also super simple.  i got about 7 small rutabagas from a friend who gets a basket of local fresh veggies every week, i peeled them, cut them up into a large dice, and boiled them for about 25 minutes until they were fork tender.  then i put them in the food processor with some fresh parm, salt, pepper, one sage leaf, and about 1/2 cup veg stock, and pureed it until smooth.  lots of recipes call for heavy cream or milk, but it was delicious without any added fat!  the side dishes were sauteed swiss chard in oilve oil, fennel and celery salad, and soft garlic naan.  Our dinner guests brought the salad so i don't have the recipe for that, but some of the ingredients are fennel, celery, black olives, parsley, fresh parm, oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and a little mayo.  it was awesome!   i bet this looks like a dinner that would take some time, but it was actually very easy! 

ryan made me breakfast this morning, which has been very typical lately for a sunday, because he usually gets up before me, does some cleaning, and enjoys making me food for once!   it was yummy...vanilla cinnamon french toast with strawberries, homemade nutella(I made earlier), and agave, and scrambled eggs and coffee.  thanks babe!   i suggested he do the rest of the cooking for the week....and he said ok, but there is no way i could actually let him do that...i have become a control freak with my cooking!!!  i couldn't give up that much power!!!

also, this morning, ryan and i went to the grocery store together.  this usually happens about once a month.  i love watching him wander off while we are there!  he is like a kid in a candy store!   and of course, we always come home with a few things i would never buy!  today it was triple ginger snap cookies and dark chocolate covered pretzels!   I'm gonna need to be super disciplined....maybe he should hide them!!!   we also went to the store without a food plan for the week, which is very rare.  i like to plan my dinners for the week, then make a grocery list.  today it was the total opposite, and kind of a breath of fresh air!  of course, while i am at the store, i come up with things in my head, and hope that i am getting all the items i need.  i think i did pretty good.  we got home and i took about 20 minutes to come up with our dinners.  i wrote them on the dry erase board and took a picture for you all to see......and then........MY CAMERA WENT KAPUT!!!!!!!!

OH NO........i can't believe this is happening to me now!  i just recently started figuring it out and producing some beautiful pics for you all!  what am i going to do???????????????
i guess i will go and see if it can be salvaged this week!  until then, no pics, so sorry peeps!  i think i may cry!!!