especially when they are drowning some salmon!!!
this dish was labeled as "interesting" by ryan, which usually means it was "ok" and too weird, BUT this was pretty frickin amazing...we both agreed!  was it a little sweet?...yes.  so you gotta keep that in mind.  i would recommend this dish to someone who is just starting out with salmon, BUT is also open-minded!!!  the other strong flavors muted the fishy taste almost to nothing.  this is what i did....drizzled the salmon with olive oil and salt and cooked at 450 for 16 minutes.  mixed some ricotta cheese with lemon zest and juice and spread that one some toast.  made a BB sauce by cooking frozen BBs, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and just a dab of molasses on low until it got thick and rich.  pour that over the salmon.  i ended up putting the salmon on the toast and ricotta and eating it all together.  i also roasted some parsnips.  don't knock it until ya try it!!!  i thought it was rockin!