so after a week of vaca, i am back in the groove!  Big Sky, MT was amazing!  got some good skiing in...even did some skiing in my bikini!  check out my new videos on You Tube!  they're hilarious!  i fasted on Sunday to cleanse my body a bit.  i have never intentionally done this before, but thought it went really well.  i drank about 500 cals of juice, however.  the next day, my workout rocked, which was surprising to me!  this week in the gym, i changed up my training routine a bit, i am now doing more "bodybuilding/hypertrophy" far, so good!  very sore today!  glad i have a trainer!!!   i also MUST start swimming and biking at least one day a week, hopefully this sunday i will start!   got to start seriously thinking about vegas!  getting some plans together!  it is sooooo cheap.  it will probably be my cheapest national show thus far!  unless i spend too much gambling!!!  hopefully i will get another video blog out soon!  stay tuned for the new biz!

tip of the week...
just because you are enjoying your diet plan doesn't mean you are not prepping hard enough!!!

    TRUTHsmart prep is when you eat the healthy foods you like that fit into your specific plan at appropriate times.  To me, eating fish for breakfast (yuck!) is not smart, unless you truly enjoy it!