the hiatus is over!  i am back to blogging and back to my nutrition happy place.  after a little too much structure and not much variety during my figure prep for 10 or so weeks, then a week of "whatever" eating, i am so ready to increase the variety and decrease the structure and get back to my love for cooking, eating, and experimenting.  i keep changing up my blog and this time it is no different.  i want to keep you updated, inspired and excited, but i also don't want to get overwhelmed with updating so many times a week/month, so i am not holding myself accountable to a certain number of blogs per a certain number of days....just like my life right now, i do not want tons of structure.  i hope to update at least 1-2x per week, but will not get frazzled if that doesn't happen!!!  so, what will the blog look like this time around?.... simple....tons of tips and new and creative ideas that use a large variety of foods, mostly veggies and fruits, and other super nutrient dense stuff, and ethnically diverse dishes.  i got some very unique dishes on tap this week.  hope to use some brussels, fennel, pumpkin, cauliflower, chickpeas, and sunchokes this week.  stay tuned!!!