today, i got up at 5 to get to the track at was so worth it!  i think i had one of my best speed workouts to date!  we did 8-400s after our mile warmup.  i ran each between 1:30-1:35.  still have some pain in my foot, but not enough to slow me down!  got a bike workout on tap today as well...and a heavy full body weight workout and a swim tomorrow.  saturday is a rest day and i think i may have a "break" meal that night! maybe pizza...yippee!  ryan is racing this weekend, but i am staying in town to teach the "super circuit" class at our gym.  good luck ryguy!  hope to do a long group ride again on sunday...i think i am ready to push it hard!  i am reading the book "angels and demons" for the second time and really liked these quotes that i read last night. i think they relate well to training, as well as many other faith-lacking moments in life..."sometimes, devine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows"  "Each of us is a God, Each of us knows all, we need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom"  i am not a religious person, but these touched me!