i just can't get enough! 

cabbage, yellow pepper, and edamame, sauted in a cast-iron skillet (which BTW gives your body IRON! a micro-nutrient that may be hard to consume enough of on a vegetarian/vegan diet)  then cooked with a sauce of fresh garlic and ginger, coconut milk, liquid aminos, sesame oil, green onions, chili sauce, a touch of fish sauce, and lime juice.  sooooooooo goooooooooood!   over rice noodles.  one serving of edamame (1/2 cup) is 13 grams of protein! complete protein!  tonight i am doing the vegan alfredo that i found on that site i mentioned previously.  friday ben and jes (bro and fiance) are coming over and i am doing again (third time's a charm!) my cauliflower curry, and instead of serving it with pasta, this time i am doing it over amaranth grain, which i found at earthfare today in bulk.  new grain for me!  YAY!  i am also making green tea, coconut, and vanilla bean sorbet in my new ice-cream maker.  interested to see if it will have an ice cream richness from the coconut milk.  i am also excited for my baba ganoush (eggplant puree) flatbread and my 3 green (edamame, celery, leek)  risotto, which i hope to make using the amaranth grain again.  risotto is actually a cooking technique, so you don't have to use rice, you can use other grains or potatoes!  i will attempt those over the weekend.  have a wonderful rest of the week.  live densely!