if i really want to call it that!!!  breaking the norm a bit tonight, and talking about training instead of nutrition!  last season, i did 4.5 triathlons (one i didn't finish due to heat exhaustion!) and one figure show.  that was A LOT for me!  this "season" i have one for sure race, Iron Girl in may, and a few maybes down on the calendar!  i do enjoy racing and the training that is involved to be competitive, but decided to focus a little more on some other things that usually get thrown on the back-burner when i have so many physical demands scheduled!  i am trying to decide if i even want to write myself up a training plan or if i just want to wing it!  this off season, about mid-october til now, i stayed active and kept my fitness level relatively high, but didn't have any structure, and i focused on "alternative" activities....meaning things i usually don't have time to do!!!  i did a lot of trail running, did a little in-door rock climbing, and a bit of yoga in my guest bedroom.  i have come to realize that i like being "pretty good" at many disciplines than an expert at only one....to each her own!   oh, and of course i kept the weight training in!

this weekend, i did a 5k test-out and was pretty impressed by my time!  since i ran it in about 22:15, does that mean i may be able to run 3 miles at the end of a tri in under 22 minutes?  i also had a 3 hour bike fit on friday and am awaiting a new saddle.  felt much better today on our 19 mile ride...hope the new seat is just what the doctor ordered!  biking is my weakest link and my least favorite of the 3 in triathlon, so i am definitely hoping for an improvement there!  i think this week i will figure out how i want to structure my "season"   and next week, it is go time :)    even though i am not doing a whole heck of a lot this year, i still have a small fire inside me and it has been burning brighter lately, due to much inspiration from newbie triathletes amazing themselves discovering what they are capable of, those who are recovering and rehabing and really wanting to get back in the game, and those who keep at it year after year because they just love it!  thanks all!

what do you do in your off-season...if you have one ;) ?
should i come up with a training plan or should i wing it?
is a time of under 22 minutes on a 3 mile run in a tri too much to ask for?