this time it was raw.  fresh raw fennel is definitely not for everyone.  it has a pretty strong licorice or anise flavor. but don't give up on it after one try though...your palate can mature!   it is a very beautiful vegetable i must say!

after you chop off the fronds (greens at the top), cut it in half lengthwise and cut out the woody core.  you really don't want to eat this part, it is pretty tough!

for lunch today, i sliced it up super thin with my new mezzaluna knife (a better way to do it is with a mandolin slicer, but i don't have me one of those..YET!) and paired it with some fresh grapefruit and a blood orange vinaigrette made with 1/4 cup fresh blood orange juice, 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tbsp honey, and salt and pepper.  i thought it was divine!  great light side dish to go with a lean meat like porkloin or roasted salmon.   uuuummmm....salmon!  gettin excited to add that back into my diet in a few days!!! 

isn't it gorgeous topped with the fennel fronds!  let me know your feelings on fennel!!!