"When you commit to a process instead of an end result, that's when you can experience what it's like to be a great athlete"
~ Brad Kearns
Small commitments like crossing a finish line, losing a few pounds, or getting "ripped" for one day for the stage are a great starting place for some, but are nothing compared to a way of life commitment.  If you decide to commit to triathlons in order to get the M-dot tattoo or if you decide to commit to figure shows in order to get a pro card or if you just decide to lose 10 pounds, you may ultimately be let down!  Focusing on an end result is the easiest way to become frustrated and burnt out! 
Like i have said before, i have learned so much over the years dealing with the training process and this time it will be different yet again!  Instead of setting a concrete goal for the 1/2 marathon, i am just going to go out and train, set up my training schedule on a week to week basis based on my progress and feelings, and let the chips fall where they may!  Am i going to push myself, hell yea....am i going to try to set a PR during the race, hell yea....am i going to enjoy the majority of the process, hell yea....and, am i going to learn more from this training period, double hell yea!  a great athlete and/or a great coach is NOT all knowing, they are constantly learning about themselves and their clients...what works, what doesn't.  i do think one thing holds true for success for most, and that is "pure motivation".....and, i think if you do have pure motivation, success means something different to you.  instead of focusing on an outcome, i am going to focus on the process!  will my results happen naturally?  i think so!  this holds true for weight loss and nutrition as well!
this week, i have 3 runs planned....a 6 miler at moderate pace, a 4.5 mile tempo at a faster pace, and a long 8.5 miler.  i also hope to get in the gym 3 times and get my body back to weight training, and i hope to get a yoga class in.  i am also cleaning up my diet.  i am actually going to be on a delivery food plan.  i was a finalist in a recipe contest for "Good Measure Meals"  which is a healthy food delivery service based out of atlanta, so ryan and i get 2 weeks free!  it is 1700 cals/day, so hopefully this will jump start my nutrition back to normal!   oh yea, and we are planning a 14-16 mile hike next sunday...woohoo!  will keep ya updated, peace!