What exactly does "nutrient dense" mean?  

There are many ways to define it, but in the simplest terms, nutrient dense foods provide us with a high amount of nutrients and a moderate to low amount of calories.  We get a lot of nutrients, and it doesn't cost us a lot of calories!  Nutrient dense foods have a high nutrient to calorie ratio!

Why I am dense...

Besides the simple, straight-forward definition of nutrient dense, I have expanded this term in my life to mean so much more!  I believe I am dense because I eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods, I fill-up my kitchen as much as possible with local, sustainable ingredients, I strongly believe that a healthy nutrition lifestyle is not about what you take away from your diet but what you add to it, and I have little need for any form of supplementation because I work hard on getting ALL my essential nutrients from food! 


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